Tomato Bliss - 100% Heirloom Tomatos

We make delicious food from artisanal blends of 100% Michigan-grown heirloom tomatoes.  

Heirloom tomatoes, carefully grown and perfectly preserved, taste better, like just picked-in-August better, like eat-it-straight-from-the-jar-with-a-spoon better.

Tomato Bliss comes from a growing community of ecologically-minded farmers and a family-owned small-batch maker in southwest Michigan. We believe seed diversity is a key to sustainability and that if we make better food, we can make food better.

Tomato Bliss is a woman-owned company.



Our tomatoes come from fertile fields on family farms in southwest Michigan.

Known as the fruitbelt of the Midwest, the fertile soil and perfect summer climate combine to make the perfect heirloom tomatoes. We sustainably grow our own heirloom tomatoes and collaborate with sustainably-minded family farmers.


 Tomato Bliss - 100% Heirloom Tomatoes


Artisanal blends of specialty heirloom tomatoes, naturally grown and simply combined.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green | Black Cherry | Brown Berry | Green Zebra | Jaune Flamme | Ukranian Purple | Nyagous | Cherokee Purple | Black Krim | Brandywine | German Pink | Kellogg’s Breakfast | Sheboygan | Nebraska Wedding | Japanese Trifele Black | Wisconsin 55 | Moonglow | Italian Heirloom | Orange Jazz | Cherokee Chocolate | Wins All | Aunt Ginny’s Purple